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CREF recruits professionals to promote its offer throughout the world. In becoming an agent of CREF, you are choosing one of the best learning centers in Russia.

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крэф центр изучения иностранных языков

Why choose CREF?

  • We have 18 years of experience teaching Russian to foreigners in Russia and we understand perfectly the needs and demands of students from around the world. Help your clients make the most of our expertise!
  • We have a distinguished proficiency in the teaching of Russian. We are highly recommended among learning centers in Russia. Among other things, we edit Russian language teaching manuals which are used throughout the world. Of course, we have an agreement with the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences.
  • We offer different options for courses adapted to the means and needs of each person: group courses for those who want to learn Russian in an academic and friendly atmosphere; customized individual Russian courses adapted to the level and objectives of each person. For all the Russian courses, we draw on a communicative approach: most importantly, geared to speaking in Russian, whether it’s for general day-to-day purposes or for a professional setting.
  • Many European companies already rely on us to give lessons to their managers in Russia. (Total, Hermès, BNP Paribas, Yves-Rocher, Danone, Renault …). We are also members of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce, and the European Association of Business of Russia.
  • We are under European management: We understand perfectly the needs of our European and American clients. We therefore ensure quality service adapted to our students, based on our strict procedures to monitor quality of our courses and the satisfaction of our clients. Of course, all of our staff is fluent in English and / or French.
  • Our offices are located in the city centre and are very easy to access. The centre of Moscow is the ideal starting point to discover the city’s splendor and be immersed in the vibrant life of the Russian capital.
  • We carefully select all the accommodations offered: they are welcoming and hospitable host families in the city centre for integrating into the daily life and Russian culture of Moscow; there are youth hostels near the school, well maintained and furnished with high standards of comfort; along with a choice of accommodations has been selected with our partners in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
  • The learning conditions are ideal for our students. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable; students have wifi access in the break-room all day long. A dining space is available for the students at our Moscow center office. Class sizes are limited to 6 students, which helps to ensure a faster rate for student’s progress. Everything is taken care of so that the students feel welcome and comfortable in our school.
  • We have more than 40 Russian language teachers who have graduated from the best universities in the country and who are experienced in working with European clientele. They have an excellent ability in engaging students and imparting them their passion for the Russian language!
  • CREF and its partners allow students to better discover Russia. We offer, in addition to our language courses, a number of excursions throughout Russia with English-speaking guides as well as a programme of cultural activities which is frequently updated.
  • We offer advantages in the conditions for our agents as well as an innovative marketing approach to help them sell our products better. In particular, we attend all the main commercial expositions.
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