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At work

This month, CREF would like to take you on a journey, putting you in the shoes of an intern – стажëр (stajzhior) in Moscow, Nizhny-Novgorod, or anywhere, for that matter, in Russia, to discover a few useful words used at work – в офисе (v’ofisey).

Your boss – начальник (nachalnik) happily welcomes you, taking you to your desk – рабочее место (rabochiie myestuh). But there’s no time to dawdle: you need to get started on some invitations – приглашения (priglashenya) for an event – мероприятие (merapriatiyé) and your boss asks you to update the addresses on the client list – список клиентов (speesok kliyentov) and print – напечатать (napétchatat’) the invitation letters. It’s a job – задание (zadanié) entirely within your means to do, since you are familiar with datasheets – таблицы данных (tablitsy dannykh) and the Russian bits of the Internet. He sits you down in front of your computer – за компьютером (za compioutérom) and it’s “off you go!”!

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Interview with our students – Maaike

CREF: Hello, Maaike, could you introduce yourself, please?

Maaike: Hello, I am from Holland, I study Political Sciences at the university of Leyden.

CREF: Is this your first time in Moscow? How do you like the city?

Maaike: Yes, it is my first time in Moscow, and in Russia as well! Moscow is an amazing city. Wherever I go, I am surprised at its beauty. There are many places of interest, alongside touristic sites like Red Square and the Kremlin, and each time I take a walk to discover the city, I stumble upon a new, beautiful and big place that I hadn’t heard of before.

I visited many places, museums, attractions, I even had the opportunity to attend a rooftop concert, thanks to my father’s contacts!

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The month of August – а́вгуст [avgust] is a very active month in Russia. As a matter of fact, those lucky enough to have a parcel of land – уча́сток [utchastok], and they are many, can harvest the fruit of their labor – уси́лия [ussilia], which, for some, will feed прокорми́ть [prakarmit’] them all year around.

It all starts as early as March, when spring’s around the corner, but the earth – земля́ [zemlia] is still covered in snow. The seedlings – посе́в [passev] are planted and potted in flats and as soon as possible, are transported to the vegetable garden – огоро́д [agarod]. If one has a greenhouse – тепли́ца [tiéplitsa], it may be heated while waiting for more favorable weather conditions. Then, after a few weeks of hard labor and natural fertilizer – удобре́ние [oudabrenie] yes, everything is organic here, no industrial pesticides – comes the time to harvest – уража́й [urajaï].

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A Russian Swim

You’re stuck in Moscow this summer but want to enjoy a good swim and bear a nice tan – загар [zagar] in September? Despite a large part of Russia not being surrounded by a sea, gulf or ocean, summer is traditionally the time to take a dip in a lake озеро [oziera] or river – река [rieka].
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Interview with our students – Beatrice

PhotoBeatrice Beatrice is a young Italian student. She undertook a 2-month linguistic stay at CREF in Moscow. She shares her impressions with us after 3 weeks of lessons.

CREF: Hello Beatrice, why did you want to undertake this linguistic stay?

Beatrice: Hello, I’m currently finishing my studies in Genoa, in Italy, and I had to pass my Russian exam. To make sure I succeeded, my mum convinced me to join this programme.

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Time for football

How to enjoy the Euro 2016 while in Russia? If you are a football fan, or a supporter – болельщик (balchik pa foutbolou) and want to watch the games of the European Football Championshipчемпионат Европы по футболу (Сhempianat Yevropy pa futbolu) with your Russian friends, here are some useful phrases to help you be understood.

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A job opportunity in Moscow for native English speakers

Teaching English!

We are currently looking for young and dynamic native English speakers having recently graduated from University and who would be interested in having a year experience teaching in Moscow, Russia.

Learning Russian!

During their time in Russia, Teachers will also have the possibility to take intensive Russian courses taught by experienced and certified native Russian teachers. Teachers will study with group lessons of 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday, from September until June.

What job ?

Successful candidates will join an International and professional team. They will be helped and supported by pedagogical and administrative staff. Read more

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Special discount on language stays this summer : one week for free!

Summer discount 2016

Come learn Russian language in Moscow this summer with CREF

Choose a 4-weeks long or more Russian language stay at CREF Moscow this summer between June 13 and August 28, and pay only for 3 weeks* of Russian language courses!

Ask a quotation for the language stay of your choice between these dates and the discount will automatically be applied.

Organizing your language stay with CREF is easy! Choose a course formula with group classes or individual lessons, find an accommodation that will suit you. CREF will even take care of your visa invitation letter.

*Offer available on any purchase from May 25 to August 1st, 2016 on all language stays taking place between June 13 and August 28, 2016.

Courses in groups

Individual lessons

Courses in Nizhny Novgorod



Special offer on language stays in Moscow

Pour toutes les inscriptions réalisées avant le 31 mars 2016 à un cours de russe (dans le cadre des séjours linguistiques “Study-russian-in-russia”) au CREF de Moscou pour la période allant du 1er janvier au 30 août 2016:

  • Frais d’inscription
    Remise de 60 euros sur les frais d’inscription:

    • O euros au lieu de 60 pour les séjours de 1 à 4 semaines
    • 50 euros au lieu de 110 pour les séjours de 5 à 12 semaines
    • 115 euros au lieu de 175 pour les séjours de 13 semaines et plus
  • Cours collectifs
    • -20 % sur les cours de 1 à 4 semaines : 200 euros / semaine
    • -15% sur les cours de 5 à 10 semaines: 187 euros/semaine
    • -10% sur les cours de 10 semaines et plus: 180 euros/semaine
  • Cours individuels
    • 25 % de remise de 1 à 6 semaines de cours: par exemple 338 Euros pour une semaine de 20h de cours
    • 20% de remise pour 7 semaines et plus: par exemple 320 Euros pour une semaine de 20h de cours
  • Transfert offert
    Si vous réservez votre hébergement en famille d’accueil avec vous, nous vous offrons le transfert Aller/Retour depuis l’aéroport de votre choix.