19 Absolutely Essential Words and Phrases you need to know to survive in Russia



Moscow is one of the few global metropolitan cities where one cannot simply speak English to get by. It is still possible to order in English in restaurants, but if you ask in English how to find your way on the streets of Moscow, you will be lucky if you receive an answer.

To help you, we offer a survival set of 19 indispensable Russian expressions for newcomers to Russia, or those who are resistant to learning Russian.

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Preparing for the Russian exam to obtain a Russian work permit

Since January 1, 2015, applicants for a work permit, or more accurately, those who must “apply for registration with the Registry of Migration” in Russia, are obliged to pass an exam certifying their knowledge of the Russian language, and Russian law, history, and culture.

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10 Tips to progress in Russian

You are trying very hard, yet you are not progressing in Russian. You feel like you are on an endless escalator of a Moscow metro, where you can’t see the end. You are not even sure to be able to order coffee at Starbucks Moscow. You have taken a Russian course and even bought a self-study manual, but without tangible, convincing results. You continue to mumble three words before asking a telephone caller if he speaks English or French. What do you do?

It is obvious that to be able to speak Russian, you have to practice it. Our CREF-Moscow specialists give you 10 tips to help you communicate better in Russian.

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Russian Celebrations; Men’s Day and Women’s Day

Between February 23 and March 8, Russians live to the rhythm of corporate meals, buying gifts, and other libations. Why are these dates so important?

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A truly affordable linguistic holiday in Russia? It is now possible!

With the recent collapse of the ruble, travelling to Russia has become truly affordable. In addition, many prices of goods and services have declined, due to weaker domestic demand. At CREF, we have also drastically reduced the prices of our courses and the price of accommodations we offer!


If you’ve always dreamed of a really-affordable Russian language course, it is now possible. CREF offers inexpensive, flexible packages. You will benefit with our friendly, well-trained, experienced Russian teachers who will meet all of your linguistic needs and expectations.

With individual courses, you can choose your own pace and your own schedule. If you choose to study Russian in small groups, you will meet students from other cultural backgrounds, and with whom Russian will become your preferred language of communication. You can also combine the two types of courses to make the most of your stay.

As for the formalities of obtaining a Russian visa, and registration upon your arrival in Moscow or Nizhny-Novgorod, do not worry; CREF will take care of everything! Simply choose the length of your stay, the type of course you prefer, and the type of accommodation you require. The only additional costs will be your flight, and spending money for your personal needs.

Deciding on taking a linguistic holiday in Russia is an important moment in anyone’s life. It is necessary to find a trusted school that will give you a positive experience. And that is precisely CREF’s goal. Please do not hesitate to contact CREF if you have any questions regarding our courses or arranging accommodation during your stay in Russia.

Still not sure? To help you decide, CREF registration fees are free! Then, go to the get a quote page on “StudyRussianinRussia” webpage, and calculate the truly-affordable price of your linguistic holiday with us.

Welcome to Russia! Welcome to CREF!