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Why study Russian and why study Russian with CREF?

Learn Russian in Russia…

  • Russian is the sixth-most spoken language in the world! With 285 million speakers, Russian language is among the top 10 in the world, and you will meet Russian speakers around the world.
  • It is part of exploring a continent. With the dream of going on an adventure through the largest country in the world and its neighboring countries, learning Russian will be the first line of your survival guide.
  • It is to immerse yourself in a very rich culture. Russia has given the world a a large number of composers, musicians, authors, painters, and artists of all genres. In understanding Russian, it is a means of understanding a view of a world culture from a new angle.
  • It is to discover an intellectual logic completely different: embark on a challenge that will give you access to a rich and beautiful language will expand your thinking and your view of the world
  • It is to have the experience that will make a difference on a resume ! Have a profile that stands out, to be the one who was not afraid to engage in the laborious learning of the Russian language to discover its beauty!
  • It is taking the opportunity to be part of a growing market economy: Russia is one of 10 world economic powers, and represents a growing market. Therefore, it has a large number of job opportunities and businesses.
  • It’s taking a step ahead of the international labor market: Russian is used in many fields, and it is the official language of many international organizations.
  • It is exploring a character and charm that will capture you: the Russian soul is fire under ice.
  • It’s learning the language of seduction: Slavic women are among the most beautiful in the world, and no one can remain indifferent to the melody of the Russian language.
  • It is learning an interplanetary language: Russian is the first language of space!

Some advice to understand Russian

  • Do not let the grammar stop you from learning: it is important, but not indispensable for taking your first steps in learning Russian.
  • Do not be afraid of making mistakes: even Russians make mistakes and hesitate in expressing themselves. However, they appreciate a foreigner trying to speak their language and they will take the time to understand you.
  • Read in Russian.
  • Listen to Russian music.
  • Watch Russian films.
  • Come to Russia to practice your skills
  • Come to CREF to take Russian courses with teachers who love their language and their culture.

Some useful sites to discover the Russian language and culture :

Many websites are devoted to Russia, the Russian language. Here are a few:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia (Wikipedia article on Russia)

http://www.russie.net/ (Russian events in France and information on Russia)

http://infos-russes.com/ (Russian Association France)

http://www.russiefrance.org/ (Russian cultural and scientific center in Paris)

http://rusoch.fr/lang/ru/ (The Russian observer, bilingual publication)

http://www.afr-russe.fr/ (French Association of Russisants)

http://www.egliserusse.eu/ (Russian Orthodox Church of France)