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Interview with our students – Beatrice

PhotoBeatrice Beatrice is a young Italian student. She undertook a 2-month linguistic stay at CREF in Moscow. She shares her impressions with us after 3 weeks of lessons.

CREF: Hello Beatrice, why did you want to undertake this linguistic stay?

Beatrice: Hello, I’m currently finishing my studies in Genoa, in Italy, and I had to pass my Russian exam. To make sure I succeeded, my mum convinced me to join this programme.

CREF: Had you already been to Russia?

Beatrice: Yes, I had spent some time in Saint Petersburg at the beginning of my studies, but that experience didn’t go well and I left thinking I would never come back. It was with tears in my eyes that I came to Moscow this time.

CREF: How was your arrival?

Beatrice: In the beginning, I couldn’t find the taxi that was ordered for me and I had to take another one, which cost me a lot! The youth hostel I had chosen did not suit me at all. I had never stayed in a youth hostel and I didn’t like the atmosphere there. The first evening, I wrote to Alexis, CREF’s account manager. I was desperate and wanted to go home. However the next day, CREF told me they had found another youth hostel. I went there and found a very warm, family like atmosphere, I feel at home. The owner is very caring. And Alexis, from CREF, is always available to solve problems that may arise, I particularly appreciate that.

CREF: How are your lessons at CREF going?

Beatrice: I have lessons from 10h30 to 13h every day with Tania. What I particularly enjoy, is that the lessons are well prepared and very dynamic. With Tania, I speak a lot, and she tells me a lot about life in Russia. It’s thanks to this that I have started to like Russian and Russia.

CREF: Do you think you’ll return to Russia?

Beatrice: I have made friends here, who take me to the theatre, the ballet, I love that many young people and children go to the theatre here. It isn’t the case where I live. I will return as I have already found a job as an Au Pair and I will start just after my language stay at CREF, I will just have to leave the country to obtain a longer visa. Later, I hope to find work in Moscow in a company! To sum up, I left Italy with tears in my eyes, and now, it’s the idea of leaving here which makes me teary-eyed!

We thank Beatrice for accepting to share her experience and her kind comments about CREF! We wish her many years of happiness with this rich language that is Russian, and good, unforgettable moments in Russia!