• CREF has been at your service since 1995

    Ses centres vous accueillent à Moscou et Nijni Novgorod

Why study Russian with CREF?

• CREF has an experienced pedagogical team with more than 50 teachers who are, for the most part, anglophones, and specialize in teaching Russian to foreigners.

• CREF already has 20 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language, as well as experience in teaching French, English, and Spanish: our teachers exchange their educational experience and ideas with their colleagues from different backgrounds. Additionally, CREF implements training and courses for our teachers to bring you a modern, up-to-date approach to teaching Russian.

• CREF offers personalized courses combining total immersion with the communicative approach to give you the opportunity to quickly communicate in Russian.

• Our programs are adapted for each learning level, as approved by the Department of Education of the City of Moscow.

• The pedagogical material used for teaching Russian as a foreign language is created by our teachers exclusively for CREF.