Why learn Russian and why learn Russian with CREF?

Why learn Russian in Russia? Because…

  • Russian is the sixth-most spoken language in the world! With 285 million speakers, Russian language is among the top 10 in the world, and you will meet Russian speakers around the world.
  • It is part of exploring a continent. With the dream of going on an adventure through the largest country in the world and its neighboring countries, learning Russian will be the first line of your survival guide.
  • It is to immerse yourself in a very rich culture. Russia has given the world a a large number of composers, musicians, authors, painters, and artists of all genres. In understanding Russian, it is a means of understanding a view of a world culture from a new angle.
  • It is to discover an intellectual logic completely different: embark on a challenge that will give you access to a rich and beautiful language will expand your thinking and your view of the world
  • It is to have the experience that will make a difference on a resume ! Have a profile that stands out, to be the one who was not afraid to engage in the laborious learning of the Russian language to discover its beauty!
  • It is taking the opportunity to be part of a growing market economy: Russia is one of 10 world economic powers, and represents a growing market. Therefore, it has a large number of job opportunities and businesses.
  • It’s taking a step ahead of the international labor market: Russian is used in many fields, and it is the official language of many international organizations.
  • It is exploring a character and charm that will capture you: the Russian soul is fire under ice.
  • It’s learning the language of seduction: Slavic women are among the most beautiful in the world, and no one can remain indifferent to the melody of the Russian language.
  • It is learning an interplanetary language: Russian is the first language of space!

Some tips to successfully learn Russian at CREF:

1. Attend your classes on a regular basis, with at least two lessons a week.

2. Between each class, reread your notes from the class and from your course-book, and highlight all the concepts/points presented in class that you didn’t understand. Prepare those questions you want to ask your teacher in the next lesson, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

3. Focus on completing your homework before the class it is due for, and you won’t panic that your homework isn’t done. Prepare in advance for your classes.

4. Increase your exposure to the Russian language: watch Russian television, go to Russian movies, look at Russian sites on the Internet: you won’t understand everything, but you will have the satisfaction of understanding the sounds, then the words, then entire phrases. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher for advice on Russian media sources.

5. At a more advanced level, use publications written in two languages to compare the syntactical structure of the sentences, and to see if your translations correspond to those used in the book.

6. Use your knowledge in everyday situations as much as possible. Russians appreciate it when foreigners try to understand and improve their Russian language ability. Politely refuse the English menus in Russian restaurants, and take the time to understand the menu in Russian.

7. Start a notebook specifically for the new Russian lexicon you will be exposed to, and write down the new vocabulary you discover. It is a good idea to write down the translation of the new vocabulary which will help to solidify your understanding of the Russian language.

Some useful sites to discover the Russian language and culture

Many websites are devoted to Russia and explain why learn Russian. Here are a few:
wikipedia.org Wikipedia article on Russia
www.russie.net Russian events in France and information on Russia
infos-russes.com Russian Association France
www.russiefrance.org Russian cultural and scientific center in Paris
rusoch.fr The Russian observer, bilingual publication
www.afr-russe.fr French Association of Russisants
www.egliserusse.eu Russian Orthodox Church of France