Russian course in Moscow: Individual classes for expatriates

You have specific goals? Special schedules? Personal constraints? Or you simply have the desire to go at your own pace while taking Russian course in Moscow? Go for individual lessons for expatriates. Intensive or extensive, less grammar, more written, more spoken… you determine your own curriculum with our teacher in charge.

We guarantee

  • Constant assessment allows you to follow your progress.
  • You choose your pace : length of lessons, frequency, at the CREF, at your home.
  • Russian course in Moscow based on communication and/or grammar: according to your priorities, the teacher will concentrate on the skills you wish to strengthen.
  • Genuine teaching materials made by our teachers at CREF, and adapted according to your actual particular needs.


General Russian: Individual courses

Each lesson lasts 90 minutes

  • 10-lessons cycle
    25 000 rubles
    10-lessons cycle 25 000 rubles (or 2 500 rubles per lesson)
  • 20-lessons cycle
    42 000 rubles
    20-lessons cycle 42 000 rubles (or 2 100 rubles per lesson)
  • 40-lessons cycle
    80 000 rubles
    40-lessons cycle 80 000 rubles (or 2 000 rubles per lesson)

Rates include: entry tests, level certificates, access to wi-fi within the school premises.
Textbooks cost 1850 rubles per student.

Teaching Russian language to expatriates since 1995!