Preparing for the Russian exam to obtain a Russian work permit

Since January 1, 2015, applicants for a work permit, or more accurately, those who must “apply for registration with the Registry of Migration” in Russia, are obliged to pass an exam certifying their knowledge of the Russian language, and Russian law, history, and culture.

CREF has studied the requirements of this new test and explains the format and contents of the test for you.


 The exam is in a multiple-choice format

formatThe exam is in a multiple-choice format. It is therefore extremely important that those writing the test have some knowledge of the Russian language, and some knowledge about Russia.

Everyone will undoubtably know what the Russian flag looks like – русскийфлаг(Russkiy flag), or whether Catherine II ruled in the tenth century or the eighteenth century (remember that it corresponded with the period of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence), and know what celebration is held in Russia on March 8.

But do you know in which cases a work permit may be canceled, if an employer has the right to confiscate your passport, or what is the allowable maximum length of your work permit? Or if Alexander II, Nicholas I, or Ivan the Terrible abolished serfdom in Russia? Or, finally, do you know who was elected President of the Russian Federation in 2012, Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev?


 The questions are written in Russian

questionsThe questions are written in Russian and sometimes can be very long and complicated, even if the answer is short. It is therefore useful to practice how to read these types of questions so as to not lose too much time deciphering them during the taking of the test.

As with any examination, knowledge of the material is only part of the difficulty. You must get used to the format and the duration of the exam. These are also the objectives that CREF offers in the preparation for the Russian test.

Pass this test with CREF

To pass this test with complete confidence, CREF has prepared a short but full training, with the taking of the test at the end of the training at CREF’s Moscow location.

Indeed, CREF is one of the few non-academic organizations to be accredited by the Russian government to prepare candidates to write the exam, and help foreigners pass the exam in order to get the famous ‘golden ticket’,a work permit for Russia.