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As of 2015, CREF is a designated center for the taking of the Test of Russian as a foreign language ( TORFL – ТРКИ). We offer the following programs in the preparation for taking the following tests :

  • Test of Russian  for migrants wishing to obtain a work visa within Russia: this test is mandatory for all foreigners wishing to obtain a work permit within Russia.
  • Test of Russian   to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit: these are the mandatory tests for those who wish to settle long-term in Russia.
  • Test of Russian as a foreign language Elementary, Basic, ТРКИ 1, ТРКИ 2, ТРКИ: These are the official certificates of knowledge of the Russian language issued by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and are internationally recognized.

How are the tests for the work permit and residence permit structured?

How to prepare for the Test of Russian for a working permit or residence permit?

How to register for the Test of Russian?

How much do these tests cost?

Calendar of test sessions and preparation course