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Time for football

How to enjoy the Euro 2016 while in Russia? If you are a football fan, or a supporter – болельщик (balchik pa foutbolou) and want to watch the games of the European Football Championshipчемпионат Европы по футболу (Сhempianat Yevropy pa futbolu) with your Russian friends, here are some useful phrases to help you be understood.

Of course, everyone awaits the famous goal – гол (gol) of victory, provided the attackers – нападающие (napadaïouchtchyé) are dynamic and the team – команда (kamanda) works efficiently. We each typically support our national team – сборная (sbornaya), and what do we all need – надо (nado) that determines the number of points – количество очков (kalitchestvo atchkov) ?

А надо – гол!

Надо – гол!



Сколько? Много! Как? Неважно!

Надо – гол! Надо – гол!

Надо-надо-надо –



And we need a goal!

We need a goal!

We need, we need, we need

A goal, a goal, a goal! !

How many? A lot! How? No matter!


We will of course want a good goalkeeper – вратарь (vratar) and we will criticise the referee – судья (sudia) who doesn’t grant us that free kick – штрафной (chtrafnoï) or penalty – пенальти (pénalty) and didn’t see the offside – офсайд (offside). The tension rises, when the opposing team – соперник (sapernik) takes the lead – открывает счет (otkryvaet shchiot).

We start to rail against our players, we shout, for example, that the kids in the courtyard of our building play better – У меня во дворе, малчики лучше играют (U menia vo dvore maltchiki luche igrayut). A player receives a yellow card – желтая карточка (joltaya kartotchka), another a warning – предупреждение (preduprezhdenie).

The supporters protest, wondering whether the trainer – тренер (trener) is up to the task, we fear the shame – позор (pazor). But suddenly, the game picks up, the attacker shoots – забивает мяч (zabivayet myach) and it’s a draw – ничья (nichia) !

The key to moral, is the desire to win – желание победить (jelanie pabiedit), even if we were under pressure – нас поджали (nass padzhali) during the second half – во втором тайме (vo vtorom timey), we will say we fought until the end – мы билис до самого конца (my biliss da samava kantsa).

Towards the end of the championship, in case of a draw, we will need to play extra time (go over time) – дополнительное время (dapalnitelnoye vremia) and eventually go to a penalty shootout – послематчевые пенальти (paslemachevye penalty) to know at last who has come out victorious – одержал победу (oderzhal pabiedu). And there you have it, hopefully we will have seen some beautiful football – красивый футбол (krassivy football) and spent an unforgettable moment – незабываемое время (nezabyvayemoye vremia) amongst friends!


A few key words

Goalkeeper (goalie) – Вратарь – Vratar

Sweeper –  Чистильщик – Tchistilchtchik

Defender – Защитник – Zachtchitnik

Midfielder – Полузащитник – Palouzachtchitnik

Defensive midfielder – Опорный полузащитник – Aporny palouzachtchitnik

Attacker – Нападающий – Napadaïouchtchi

Referee (ref) – Судья – Soudia

The goals – Ворота – Varota

Goal – гол – gol

Score – счет – chtchiotte

Tricolores (les Bleus) – Трехцветные – Triokhtsvétniyé

Note : you can come and cheer on CREF’s football team at Loujniki on sundays!